How much time does it take to do the Ropes Course?

It's up to you. Our Ropes Course is very extensive, and most groups do not complete the entire course in one day. A typical session on the either the Low or High Ropes Course is three hours, although this time can be adjusted to fit your group's needs. Many groups find that one session of Low Ropes in the morning followed by one session of High Ropes in the afternoon makes for a fun, challenging day.

What are the age limits for the Ropes Course?

The High Ropes Course is recommended for ages 10 and up. The Low Ropes Course, Climbing Wall, Giant Swing, and Indoor Group Initiatives work great for elementary school age children to adults.

How many people can we bring at one time?

An ideal group size is 12-20. We can accommodate groups larger than 20 by dividing into two smaller groups. Groups with fewer than 12 participants do well on High Ropes (both indoor and outdoor), but the Low Ropes activities often require more people.

Is the Ropes Course safe?

We use spotting techniques for Low Ropes activities and a modern belay system for all High Ropes activities. Our course and equipment are thoroughly inspected every year by an independent, qualified professional and visually inspected by our staff before each use.

What kind of certification do the facilitators have?

Program Director Mikel Collins serves as our Ropes Course Manager. He has years of Ropes Course experience and has been certified through Edgie Designs. All of our facilitators are thoroughly trained in Challenge Course proficiency.

What is the cost for the Ropes Course?

The fee for the Ropes Course is based on the number of hours you want to spend on the course. Check our Group Retreats page for current pricing.

What do we do if we have bad weather?

If your group is scheduled for an OUTDOOR session on the Low or High Ropes, and the weather is bad, we have three options: (1) We can take the event indoors. (2) We can reschedule for a later date. (3) We can cancel the event.

Do we need to make a reservation?

Yes. All Ropes Course reservations are handled by our Guest Group Coordinator, Jen Collins. You can contact her through the Group Retreats page.