Put simply, we are a strength and conditioning facility that delivers the highest level of coaching, effective and exciting programming, health and nutrition guidance, and an absolutely buzzing community...

We are a Strength & Conditioning facility where quality coaching matters... Even when our more experienced members perform something as seemingly “basic” as a back squat, there is always something we can improve upon… How are they taking their air? Have they packed their neck? What are their elbows doing? Where’s the pressure in their feet? Can they be more efficient when taking it out of the rack? There is always something a good coach can improve in every movement. 


*** Oni, 42, cruising with 155kg ***

We provide an intelligent strength and conditioning program based around what works in real life; that is, it produces physiques and abilities that will enable our members to go out into the world and actually use what they’ve learned and developed in the gym. Our members are all happier, healthier and stronger than they were last month, and they all report finding physical and mental tasks easier: they don’t get tired during hockey practice, and they routinely hit new personal bests in the swimming pool; they fly up Mount Snowdon with ease and they have enough energy left over after work to play with the kids and even take the dog for a run…


*** James Gibbons, 32, chartered accountant, taking the Crib Goch route up Snowdon ***

We know that the UK has a sick population… 27% of adults in England are obese with a further 36% being overweight - this brings with it an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and many other serious conditions... We have an elegant solution: 60 minutes at Blackbrook Strength & Conditioning, 3 - 6 times per week, coupled with an easy to implement nutrition plan - something relaxed, flexible and healthy, specifically designed to instil long-lasting, sound nutritional habits.


*** Our nutrition habits in action - even without training! ***

Blackbrook is a magical place, powered by it's phenomenal community… When was the last time you set a new personal record with Jimi Hendrix blaring and your friends cheering you on? When was the last time you had your squat corrected and you had that “light bulb / holy shit” moment? When was the last time you pushed to your absolute limits alongside others pushing to their absolute limits? [Then going for a beer afterwards #HealthGoals]

It happens all the time here.

It’s a magical place - one that needs to be experienced.


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