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CFBB Member Nutrition Habits

Step 1/  Drink 1 pint of plain water daily.
Step 2/ Add a healthy fat to breakfast.
Step 3/ Cooked vegetables in the evening.
Step 4/ Raw vegetable at lunch. 
Step 5/ Breakfast protein. 
Step 6/ Evening protein.
​Step 7/ Fermented Foods / Probiotics
Step 8/ Lunch protein.
Step 9/ Evening Starch.
Step 10/ Lunch Fat...

Last step! 

We have added a fat to breakfast, now we're adding one to lunch.

Lunch should be nutrient-dense AND it should do a good job of managing blood sugar late into the day... We all want to avoid the 2pm energy drop...

Fat is twice as dense per gram as carbohydrate, and produces twice the energy... It does this by recycling energy with less waste than carbs do... Fat takes considerably longer to break down and absorb than carbohydrate, making for a slow and steady energy source - ideal if you are trying to avoid the 2pm energy drop...

Good sources include, but are not limited to:
- Coconut
- Full fat organic dairy (not if you’re intolerant)
- Eggs (preferably organic & free range)
- Avocado (preferably organic)
- Nuts & seeds are a very easy option
You get the idea... Consume some type of high quality fat... 

Tick this habit off, and you will be successfully eating like an intermediate. 

Well done!

~ Coach Collins

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