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Movement Standards, Apples & Oranges…

Andy has lovely press ups.

He’s in a beautiful hollow position, bum squeezed, showing full range of motion, his shoulder blades open fully at the top… It’s just lovely!

Oscar isn’t doing a bad job either, however, he isn’t opening his shoulder blades at the top; essentially he doesn’t have any “boney support” for his shoulders, which means the small muscles around the shoulder get taxed extra hard… Not ideal for shoulder health, but he does get to go a little faster…  

Now, while Andy and Oscar are both doing “press ups”, technically they aren’t the same movement… Andy is doing them to one standard, Oscar to another. Andy has apples, Oscar has oranges.

If they both did…

5 rounds for time:

- 300m row

- 30 press ups

... It would be pointless to compare Andy’s time with Oscar’s because the movement standards are different. Andy could compare his time with what he did last year, as an example, or maybe someone else who also has apples, but he can’t really compare it with Oscar’s, and he certainly shouldn’t compare it with Donovan’s…

… Donovan was lightening fast! The trouble is, he did his “press ups” mainly by bobbing his head up and down. His hips were sagging because his abs weren’t engaged, he had no boney support for his shoulders, the dude was barely moving his arms! And what this means is that his “press ups” have almost zero carry over to real life, they don’t count in competition, class, or anywhere! AND there’s a greater risk of injury to the shoulder… So despite the fast time, Donovan’s “press ups” were dog sh*t.

And dog sh*t isn’t fruit, ladies and gentlemen, no matter how much Donovan wants to ram it down your throat…

Compare your apples to apples, oranges to oranges, and keep dog sh*t out of the fruit bowl.

“Sit the f*** down and have a beer…”

~ Coach Collins

Copyright 2019

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