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Why You Need Sleep, And How To Lose 13 Pounds In 1 Week…

What is sleep actually for?


You’ll die without it… So that’s kinda important…  

Some speculate that sleep is for decreasing brain temperature - letting it cool down from all the rocket science you do - or for detoxifying the brain. Another theory / reason is, weirdly, to dream… If you miss a night’s sleep, when you go to bed the next night, you have more REM sleep than normal, suggesting that you’ve built up a deficit. Studies show that when you deprive people of REM sleep they fall apart mentally and physically far quicker than those who were simply deprived of shallow [stage 1 & 2] or deep [stage 3 & 4] sleep. One of the most obvious reasons is just to give your brain a break... The brain makes up 3% of your bodyweight but demands nearly a quarter of the energy. Rocket science takes a toll… The brain consumes huge amounts of energy during the day, so energy stores tend to deplete, and some decent stage 3 & 4 is needed to restock to ensure that you aren’t a complete idiot the next day.

All pretty good arguments for going to bed early.

But staying alive, having a detoxified brain and not being a total wreck / f***ing idiot aren’t why you came here…

You came here for a 13 lb fat loss secret [and / or for the dog, Alan].

So let’s get into it.

Here’s how Dan John lost 13lbs in one week while preparing for a weightlifting competition [so he was already in pretty good condition...].

He tried to sleep 12 hours a day.

That’s it.

That’s the only change he made.

You can find details - although to be honest, that’s all the details you’ll find / really need - in his book “Can You Go”

Here’s how it all works…

- Sleep deprivation drives up inflammation

- Inflammation drives up cortisol, a stress hormone

- This destabilizes your blood sugar, making you crave sugary foods

- And it can disrupt hunger signals, too

- Even sleeping just one hour less than usual can cause you to eat as much as 45% more food

- See this study for more details:

Basically, being under-recovered is stressful, and this stress response causes fat accumulation... Sleep [not more exercise!] is the number one remedy in this scenario. 

You guys want abs and greater recovery abilities, and I don’t want to coach toxic-brained idiots... Let's meet in the middle...

Get some sleep.

“Sit the f*** down and have a beer…”

~ Coach Collins

Copyright 2019

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