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Ed Caddye, 27 - Medical Student, bio-hacker, and dietary fat fanatic. 

[Update: He's a doctor now!]


Kayleigh Nisbet, 20 something - School teacher, former GB athlete and an all round bendy handbalancer. 


Blackbrook is awesome! Everyone is super friendly, the workouts are always different and I constantly notice the improvements in my strength and fitness. The coaches are excellent and always help to push and motivate you while at the same time put in the extra time and attention to perfect your technique. Definitely highly recommend Blackbrook! 


Rob Moores, 30 something - Pilot, Northerner, and bloody nice chap.


"Totally surprised and well chuffed to be named member of the month at my gym. Especially today because: Exactly one year ago today I started experiencing unusual abdominal pains. Within 24 hours I was in an ambulance, blue lights flashing, in the kind of pain I didn't even know existed. It soon transpired that I had a perforated appendix. Two operations and one month in hospital later I found myself at home recovering, two stone lighter and very very frail and weak. 

During my time in hospital after the 2nd operation I couldn't walk to the toilet without help. My once fit and healthy body didn't work very well anymore. I became acutely aware of what a miracle the human body is and that most of us (me included) take the awesome things it can do for granted. It was at that moment I promised myself I would get strong again. So, in May this year I joined Blackbrook. I was a little fearful at first as I knew my abdomen was so weak (it had been split down the middle ffs)....Might I risk a hernia? Would I do further damage to myself or end up back in hospital again? Is embarking on a high intensity, strength and conditioning program a good idea in "my condition"? Will they even let me train? 

Kirstin Lyons is doing f***ing great! She joined the strict muscle up club in November 2018, 2 years after 2 abdominal surgeries.

My amazing coaches not only "let me train", they gave me so much support, encouragement and individual coaching, adapting the workouts to enable me to participate fully in classes from the start. I found myself gaining in strength and in confidence fairly quickly and after a few weeks I decided to up my training from 3 days a week to 4 or 5. I have rediscovered my love of strength and conditioning and am now stronger and fitter than I was before my operations (although my abs still have some way to go) after only 3 and a half months. 

So, why am I sharing this? 1. As shout out to how amazing the guys at Blackbrook are and 2. To inspire maybe one person to move their body more. You don't need to wait for a life threatening situation to make you appreciate the amazing gift we all have; a human body. Appreciate those gifts and use them even if you have perceived limitations. It's so totally worth it 😊

If you got this far on my very long post. Thanks for reading. One love"

"I've been training at Blackbrook for just a few months, and already it has had such a positive impact. Not only in terms of my strength and fitness (which has come on in leaps and bounds), but in my general sense of wellbeing. My coaches are brilliant. Always encouraging me to raise the bar...Literally!... And making me smile during the toughest of WODS! It's challenging, but so rewarding on so many levels. I love the diversity of each class, and I'm constantly setting myself new goals. I guarantee you'll be hooked after your first class, I certainly was!"

Lauren Johns, 40 something - Mother & Legend


When I started at Blackbrook a year ago, I said I was "looking forward to rock hard abs" - that, was about the only goal I had. I just wanted to tone up, and get fitter. What I didn't know then, but am indescribably grateful for now, is the extent to what I would achieve in just 12 months. Had I been told at my intro session that I'd be able to do pull-ups, muscle ups, handstand press-ups , lift heavy, press heavy, and so, so much more, I wouldn't have believed it. I had my first class a month before my 40th birthday. Some say life begins then, and for me, in terms of my physical accomplishments, it did. 18 months prior to this, I'd had my 2nd son, and 2nd knee op, which had left me cartilage free, and petrified at the thought of any kind of impact...but not anymore! My knee will never be 100%, but now I can do doubleunders, box jumps, even lunges, and I feel really proud of myself! Feeling strong, agile, and finding a new confidence in my physical abilities, is utterly rejuvenating. I am happier, healthier, and the abs are coming along nicely too! (Though they are now fairly low on my wish list!). I can't wait to start my second year of training at Blackbrook. I have set so many new goals, and the prospects are so exciting. I know it's going to be tough, it always is...but so much fun! I just want to say a huge thanks to my coaches - they are incredible. Mindful of injuries, intent on injury prevention, and brilliant at rehabilitation. They genuinely care about the wellbeing of their students, which makes us a very lucky bunch. Everything I've learnt and achieved so far, is down to their knowledge, support, and encouragement. This, combined with their responsible, enjoyable, and challenging programming, is a perfect recipe for success! So if you haven't already, make 2016 your year to give fitness a go, and if you're lucky enough to live near Blackbrook, then get down there! You won't regret it."

Lauren Johns - My hero, 1 year on...


Rohan Vines, 40 something - estate agent, vegan and proud new dad! 

Well done for reading this far down! 

There's more testimonials / success stories but I won't lie, it's taking me a long time to build / edit this website... I mean, it's been an hour and and a half just to do these 7 or 8, I'm computer illiterate and it's the hottest day of the year... 

So yeah, there's more coming, just not right now... 

Thank you for your patience, 

~ Coach Collins

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