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Blackbrook Nutrition Habits

Step 1/  Drink 1 pint of plain water daily.
Step 2/ Add a healthy fat to breakfast.

This can be as simple as adding cream to coffee, eating half an avocado or some nuts, or simply whipping up some eggs in the morning. 

Good sources include:
- Coconut
- Full fat organic dairy (not if you’re intolerant)
- Eggs (preferably organic & free range)
- Avocado (preferably organic)
- Nuts & seeds are a very easy option
- You get the idea - consume some type of high quality fat

*Fish / Cod Liver Oil if so inclined (I won’t be touching supplementation until the basics are covered) - at the base level, no amount of supplement or probiotic will produce any results until you eat it with a solid diet. The solid diet is what we are building here and now.

By breakfast, it’s been 8 to 12 hours since you last ate. During this time, your body has shifted from burning the food you ate to your body fat for fuel. We want to extend this fat burning by consuming healthy fats. By focusing on a quality fat first thing, you’ll reap the benefits of increased fat burning, better blood sugar management, and heightened insulin sensitivity.

Remember; I said we’d be starting slow with easily achievable habits. This is how it starts, and it will build to a significant long term change. Don’t worry about anything ‘advanced’ just yet, just focus on these two steps... There is no fire…

~ Coach Collins 

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