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Strength & Conditioning Classes

In brief, we are a small, local strength and conditioning community that delivers the highest level of coaching; intelligent and exciting programming; health and nutrition guidance; and an absolutely buzzing community…

We utilise truly functional movements… 

* Strongman - yoke, atlas stones, farmers walks, etc
* Basic callisthenics / gymnastics - pull ups, handstands, muscle ups, etc
* Classic barbell lifts - squat, bench, deadlift, cleans, etc
* And traditional cardio - rowing, running, biking, etc

And we teach them to a very high level… 

No experience is necessary - our knowledgeable coaches will identify your start point, then layer the complexity and intensity on you as and when you’re ready. 

Our programming is well thought out… It has to be! 


Strength is what makes all other aspects of training easier… It is the tide that raises all ships…

Want to run faster/further? Grow stronger legs. 
Want a better handstand? Grow stronger wrists and shoulders.
Want a quicker “Fran” time? Grow stronger.

At Blackbrook, we understand that strength requires consistent, gradual progression over a length of time… That the SAID principle (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand) means that you adapt to / get better at what you consistently practise. 

This principle is at odds with the current trend of doing constantly varied movements with random time domains, and to do it as fast as you can leaving yourself completely spent... 




At Blackbrook, we prioritise and consistently practise tried and true strength training, and we pair it with effective conditioning - that is conditioning that doesn’t interfere with the strength building process; conditioning that will make you a better athlete and not just a sore one; conditioning that will shore up any weak points or deficits; conditioning that safely trains all energy systems, not just abusing one or two of them… 

In short: we provide a beautiful blend of functional movements, skilful coaching, expert programming, and a magical community. 

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