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Head Coach & Owner

Neil was introduced to a certain type of fitness [that can no longer be mentioned on this site] whilst on deployment as a Royal Marines Commando. Since “going outside”, Neil has trained, interned, coached, drank and disgraced himself in numerous places and facilities across the globe. After settling down a little, and becoming less of a tosser, he opened Blackbrook in 2014. Neil has worked with people from all walks of life - people of all ages, from different cultures, with various abilities and needs, in numerous different fields and pursuits.

Neil will read anything and everything on the subject of exercise science and nutrition, because he is just incredibly, incredibly cool. 

Since he firmly believes the government and other agencies are spying on him, he is reluctant to give out any more information about himself... 



Coach & Badass

If tapped, one of Ali’s squat sessions could power all the cities in Europe for 2 hours.

Ali has beaten a brick wall in a game of tennis, she eats champions for breakfast, and once punched a storm in the eye…

For more information about Ali, check the leader board...



Coach & Wizard

At the time of writing, Aronn is wandering about in Africa with a Masai tribe [genuinely] and this says more about him than any bio. 

In addition to being an awesome coach, Aronn is an IAKP Kambo Practitioner [rainforest / frog medicine]... He's a wizard, basically... But no amount of magic can help him achieve his ultimate ambition: to finally beat Ali in a workout. 

For more information about Aronn and kambo, click here 



Coach & Legend

Jonny has just become a dad! He is also an excellent guitarist, has a miniature dachshund called Ivy, won the TV show “SAS who dares wins”, and loves Brazilian jujitsu…

​This means he’s patient, caring, capable, and more than happy to choke people out if Ali tells him to…  

And Ali is not afraid to tell him to... 

You can find out more about Jonny here