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Personal Training & Online Coaching

In-Person Training:

Personal Training with us is incredibly valuable… Not only will our knowledgeable and experienced coaches deliver exactly what you want, but they will also give you exactly what you need.

For the vast majority of the population the want is improved performance, confidence and physique, and the need is breath work, pain free movement and stress management.

With the use of breath and movement, we can help you in all aspects of life.

Are you ready to change? 

Online Personal Training:

This has the unique advantage over both Classes and In-Person Personal Training in that you aren’t limited by location or scheduling.

We are a little old-fashioned when it comes to Online Personal Training…

We start with a conversation, and we build from there.

We believe that coaching is an in-person experience - an individual human-to-human thing - and that is what makes our “bespoke programs” actually bespoke, tailored to you, your wants and your needs... To us, Personal Training is and always has been personal, whether it’s online or not…

We do not use sales funnels or cookie cutter programs, and we’ll never ask you to select something from a list… 

Our Online Personal Training is a truly bespoke, potent, human-to-human, flexible, cost-effective alternative to traditional PT and Classes.

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A game-changer for my running journey.
Neil's S&C program has not only supported my demanding marathon training schedule but also helped me overcome frequent injuries. His extensive knowledge and balanced approach to training, incorporating both traditional and innovative techniques, have made a significant impact. Neil is attentive to my individual circumstances, adapting sessions to complement my high weekly mileage. Thanks to Neil, my recovery has improved, injuries are minimal and my race performances have seen remarkable improvement. Highly recommend Neil for anyone serious about reaching their fitness goals.
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