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Blackbrook Nutrition Habits

Step 1/  Drink 1 pint of plain water daily.
Step 2/ Add a healthy fat to breakfast.
Step 3/ Cooked vegetables in the evening.
Step 4/ Raw vegetable at lunch. 
Step 5/ Breakfast protein. 
Step 6/ Evening protein.
​Step 7/ Fermented Foods / Probiotics
Step 8/ Lunch protein.
Step 9/ Starch...

Starches and fats are the “energy” in your diet. Starches are going to turn into glucose once digested and top up the glycogen stores in your muscles. There are a few specific parts of the brain that can only use glycogen, and your red blood cells require glycogen as well, making starch an essential part of the diet.

I imagine that most of you are already doing this step, but I just want to hammer it home… I’d like you to add (or continue to add) a starch to your evening meal - this will do two things:

1) It will get you producing some serotonin
[about 90% of the serotonin in your body is actually produced in your gut, so consuming starch in the evening will ready you for the sleep to come...]

2) It will help with recovery from training
[eating an evening meal with some starches in it will get your insulin levels to go up; this insulin spike will push the amino acids from the proteins you are eating into your muscles, aiding recovery...] 

Good sources of starch: squashes, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, yams, white rice, jasmine, wild rice (not actually rice), yuca / cassava (if you can find it…), you get the idea...

Try to limit: most grains  

Try to avoid: gluten, packaged, processed

~ Coach Collins

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