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“My squat isn’t as deep as his/her squat…”

Firstly, that’s ok.

Secondly, you may have different bony anatomy.

And thirdly, if you were in a coma, we could put you in full splits - front and middle... In a coma, you’re a level 99 contortionist… So what’s going on?

Simply put, it’s your nervous system that determines your range of motion. If your nervous system doesn’t feel safe, it won’t allow you access to more ROM (or strength).

How can you convince it to give you more ROM?

- Can you generate / maintain the proper tension through the movement?

- Can you breathe while maintaining proper tension through the movement?

An arse-to-grass squat is a lovely goal, but the way to get there is to use the proper muscles and to take them through their proper ROM for that particular day.

Certain ranges of motion can be useful / necessary - if there’s a standard to uphold, like in a powerlifting meet or a CrossFit competition - but forcing yourself into them before you’re ready for them can be detrimental…

Take your time with your warm ups. Focus on you.


~ Coach Collins

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