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What’s The Intro Course? And Do I Need To Be Fit To Join?

2 very good questions!

What’s The Intro Course?

After a little digging, it turns out that over half of the British population don’t know what to do in a gym… 23% are too embarrassed to use the equipment, while many adults lack the basic knowledge to advance workouts… [Source: Nuffield Health]

Well, luckily for you, that’s where we come in!

During the intro we teach you a couple of basic movement patterns - it’s super simple, pretty thorough, and it’s typically done inside 90 minutes. We layer on the complexity during classes as and when you’re ready…

In essence, we teach you how to use your body and the equipment, then we lead you through the progressions one step at a time.

So, with the right coaches at the right facility, what starts out as a basic “press this weight overhead” during your intro...

- Can be turned into a handstand against the wall during class

- Which can be turned into handstand shoulder taps

- Leading to handwalking drills

- Eventually resulting in walking on your hands for 50ft

* Bryony working on turns / cornering * Lisa building hand-balancing capacity ​Now, this kind of strength and skill acquisition doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen along with significant health and physique improvements… You just need to do the intro course first, then start booking into classes - we’ll take care of the rest. Do I Need To Be Fit To Join? Nah. You go to the Dr when you’re ill, you don’t wait until you’re healthy before you pay him a visit… It’s the same thing here - we get people fit, and we’re very good at it… If you think you need to be fit before you join, you’re really, really missing the point...  “Sit the f*** down and have a beer…” ~ Coach Collins Copyright 2019

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